Tour Costs

note that this page is still under construction as tour-related logistics are addressed

The Police Accountability Tour –  a nine-city, four-month venture necessarily brings with it some costs, but that is the case with anything worthwhile. In an effort to be transparent below are listed some expected tour-related expenses.

To be straight-up, both individuals primarily involved with the tour – Jacob Crawford and Pete Eyre – try their best to live lean.

Thanks in advance for any help making this tour successful.

  • 100FRNs – flight – Oakland to Austin for Jacob
  • 180FRNs – flight – Manchester to Austin for Pete
  • 250FRNs – flight – Austin to NYC for both Jacob and Pete
  • 2800FRNs – flight – NYC to Cape Town, South Africa and back to Oakland for both Jacob and Pete
  • 840FRNs – train – 15-day pass for both Jacob and Pete (to be used from Oakland to Denver to Chicago)
  • ~400FRNs – bus – city-to-city bus passes on Megabus for both Jacob and Pete (Chicago to Detroit and back, then to Atlanta and New Orleans)
  • ?? – food – grub for both Jacob and Pete