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What is a ‘Copsucker’?

Although it would be convenient to dismiss every individual that supports policing as mindless sycophants, we realize the situation is nowhere near that simple. Policing as an institution is so ingrained in our culture that we have come to think of it as a law of nature, or at least a response to those laws that is an unfortunate necessity. And while most people realize there exists a grey area between a law enforcement free-for-all and honorable institution based on accountability, there are still those individuals who believe that police are absolutely infallible and beyond criticism.

Another factor which separates the Copsucker from the average police supporter is that the former are able to justify even the most egregious act as one that is justified by some irrelevant cultural assumption. Some people reluctantly accept police as a necessary evil, while others applaud them with a voracity beyond any logical patterns. So when we talk about ‘Copsuckers’, we are not using a blanket term to disregard those who disagree with us, but as a specific term to describe the people who have an unshakable faith in police despite, and in spite of, any evidence that the institution violates our essential basic morals and logic, specifically and generally.

The rational person is able to hear objections and criticisms of their worldview. They react and respond with a sincere attempt to try to fix what they mistakenly see as a symptom, not recognizing it as the disease itself. Yet there are those who so undoubtedly accept the centralized organization of peace by force that they will not consider any demonstrable data or rational argument against their True Belief.

A ‘Copsucker’ is a radical believer, not a ‘common sense’ observer.

So in this spirit we present a guide to recognizing, understanding and countering ‘Copsuckers’ in all of their forms. And this is done, not to just belittle, bash and disregard Copsuckers; but to inspire their loved ones to bring their erroneous ideologies to light so that we may progress and evolve beyond the double-bind cycle of violence that is too often mistaken as an eternal truism.

Get more knowledge at the CB Library
Get more knowledge at the CB Library

Here are some direct answers to ‘problems’ frequently proposed by Copsuckers.

I Bet You Call the Cops As Soon As Anything Goes Wrong …not often if at all, but even if we did, that is what we are forced to pay them for. Monopolies destroy choice.

Why Don’t You Ever Report On the Criminals? …why doesn’t Burger King sell tacos? Plus, we do, criminals with badges.

Is CopBlock.org A Terrorist Group? …according to the FBI definition, no. But cops do.

I Am A Keyboard Warrior Against the Police State and Proud of It …Welcome to the 21st century. If the pen is mightier than the sword, than the keyboard is mightier than the nuclear bomb.

No Murder Ever- I Do Not Support Random Violence Against Police …just to be perfectly clear.

I Do Not Hate Cops- It Is Not the Players, It Is the Game …we are not fueled by emotions, but that is often the claim of those who are.

Dear CopSuckers- The Truth About Your Stupid Fugking Meme …this meme became the Mona Lisa of copsuckers despite the fact that it is illogical, cruelly intended and totally idiotic.

Don’t Criticize CopBlockers- They Are Just Doing Their Job …hey, we get to use that one too, right?

Psychology Studies Show That Police Supporters and Terrorists Think Alike …an irrational fear of uncertainty is at work in the psychology of both groups, and both groups support violence.

Do Police Supporters Have A Neurotic Aversion To Cognitive Dissonance? …nobody wants to be wrong, but some people are so afraid of it that they become crippled with neurosis and hypocrisy.

Five Stupid Reasons People Support the Police …there are lots of stupid reasons, but these are the absolutely dumbest ones that we encounter most often.

The Copsuckers Lament: You Paint All Cops With the Same Broad Brush …sure, but when that brush is comprised of the standards cops claim to have and laws they enforce, the one brush method works perfectly.

BUSTED- “Until You’ve Walked In Their Shoes, You Can’t Know How Hard It Is.” …logic is not the strong point of copsuckers, and their groupthink mantras are easily picked apart.

Are you a LEO? Click the banner above if you are!
Are you a LEO? Click the banner above if you are!

Here is a list of articles of Copsuckery we found too potent to not single out.

Copsuckers’ Corner #1: In the Arena …’Fitness Motivator’ John Burk uses the Police State Brand to sell his services, t-shirts and flex his narcissistic machismo.

John VS Joshua- Who Really Fights For Your Freedom? …a follow up of John Burk and his madness.

Copsucker’s Corner #2: A Plethora of Common Sense …’comedian’ Amiri King uses his trademark mixture of trailer trash logic and exploitative opportunism to posture for the police state.

Copsucker or Charlatan? Amiri King Doesn’t Care About Cops or His Fans …calling him out on the bullshit.

CopSucker Corner #3: A Summer of CopSuckers (VIDEO) …Ademo collected a whole summers worth of clipshe filmed illustrating the low intelligence and vapid goofiness of copsuckers and their worldview.

Here is a list of other articles that relate to the subject in ways that, while sometimes less obvious, illustrate the lunacy of, and social problems created by, copsucking.

Thank You Copsuckers For All of Your Help In 2015! …no matter what they do, it spreads our message.

CopBlock to Call It Quits: We Were Just In It For The Money …satirical response to ridiculous accusations.

California Police Watch Copsucker Assault Copblocker, Do Not Protect Him …unequal treatment granted to the faithful.

The Psychology and History of the Good Cop/Bad Cop Game …how that false dichotomy misleads us.

“Expert” CopSucker Reports Find Reasonable Force Used in Tamir Rice Death …no standards required when your audience has an absolute belief in the infallibility of authority.

A Story Of A Copsucker Turned Cop Blocker …it is never too late to get right.

Why Are So Many People Impersonating The Police? …blind faith makes people gullible targets.

National Copsuckers Day (aka police appreciation day) Total FAIL Nation-wide …copsucking is almost all lip service and posturing.

Kind Cop Walks With Disabled Woman- Or Is There More To It? …public relations scams manipulate and manufacture copsucking.

Don’t Fall For The CopSucker’s ‘Good Cop’ PR Spin …myths perpetuated by copsuckers get busted.

Cops Who Kill Are Getting Other Cops Killed …unconditional support for police is dangerous to them.

Calling All CopSuckers: A Blue Balloon Event …copsuckers and their empty symbolic gestures.

What Zombie Apocalypse Culture Reveals About the Police State …how pop culture reveals and reinforces the worst parts of the police state.

CopSucker Editorial: Freedom of Speech has Limits …copsuckers hate our freedoms, but this is too ridiculous.

If You Don’t Believe Rights Exist, Why Do You Care What Police Do? …the state steals your freedom and sells part of it back you packaged as ‘rights’.

Should We Really Be Congratulating Police for Not Killing Us? …the low standards of copsuckers is scary.

When Mark Twain, 19th Century CopBlocker, Trolled the Copsuckers …copsucking is an old problem, indeed.

Not Playing Around: How Police Support Culture Hurts Our Children …nobody is safe from the bad ideologies of blindly obedient police supporters.

A Response to the Daily Beast Article ‘The War Over CopBlock’ …when statist media sucks the cop.

The Cop That Sucked Itself- Viral Rant of an Emotionally Unstable LEO …when you gotta DIY.

Click on the image to check out mobile device apps that can help you stay safe and keep the police accountable.
Click on the image to check out mobile device apps that can help you stay safe and keep the police accountable.

The Source of Authority is Our Support and Police Are Losing It …when copsucking goes, so will the cops.

Louisiana Trooper Steven Vincent Would Be Alive If Not For Hero Worship …skepticism is safe and healthy.

Cop In Illegal Unmarked Car Evades Truth, Has Friends Bully Man …copsuckers bully copblocker.

CopBlock.org Is A Police Propaganda Campaign To Create Chaos … a common copsucker theory satirized.

Is ‘He Had A Gun’ A Skepticism Off-Switch? …three words that cause police supporters to ignore logic and morality.

Charles Bukowski Explains the Law …the groupthink of the compulsively obedient destroyed in an epic poem.

How Policing Antagonizes Natural Human Defiance …basic human tendencies conflict with copsuckers fantasies.

Whiny Entitled Pig Sues Starbucks Over Free Cup of Coffee …when copsuck backfires.

Christianity and the Police State: Authority is NOT a Christian Value …sucking cop on religious grounds is misguided and hypocritical.

Stop Being an Enabler For a Cop in the Family …a cop in the family is no reason to copsuck.

Scientism and the Police State …how scientific ignorance creates false reasons to support police.

Discordianism and the Police State: What A Satirical Religion Can Teach Us About Social Order …the copsuckers worldview is based on a delusory belief in the primacy of order.

Masculinity in Crisis and How it Leads to Police Violence …false ideas about manhood contribute to the absurd faith copsuckers have.

Fellate the Police – CopSuckers Say the Darndest Things …copsuckers discussed on CopBlock Radio.

South Park’s Episode On Police Brutality Gets It Right …Matt and Trey skewer the hypocrisy of copsuckers.

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External Links

The Cult of Survivalism …our quantity over quality ideology about life is a destructive force that feeds the police state and its machinations. It is a staple worldview of copsuckers.

Welcome to the Idiocracy- The Growing Ignorance of Intelligence …copsuckers are a clear illustration of the kind of mass dumbing down that is happening in the world.

The Problem With Facts …facts themselves are handy intellectual tools, but a misguided understanding of them can turn their use into illogical garbage, as seen in the mental maneuvers of rapid cop supporters.

How and Why to Abolish Police and the State …copsuckers complain that police are necessary and that there are no alternatives, neither of which are true.