Undercover Police Spying on a Peaceful Rally in Albany NY


On May 5, 2015, I attended the New York Civil Liberties Rally in Albany, NY. At the same time, there was another rally scheduled at the New York Police Officer Memorial. In order to see what was going on, I decided to walk down there. I found many city blocks closed, so that police officers from around the state could park for their rally. Meanwhile, anyone else had to pay to park. A very unfair double standard. When people marched in Albany just a few weeks earlier because the police caused the death of Donald Ivy, I bet they didn’t get special parking.

The Civil Liberties Union director made a great speech. People across the country have had enough of police killing, raping, selling drugs, planting evidence, lying, and not being held accountable. With 100’s of police all around, they had unmarked undercover police spying on people and me in particular. If they treated people with respect they would not need to hide. I bet they are afraid that the peaceful protest could turn violent. It is only because of the police actions around the country that would cause that. Notice at the end of the video all the state and local police cars that are illegally parked. If that was any average person, they would be ticketed and towed.

One police department in particular I would like to point out is the Erie County Sheriff’s. They are the ones who have used the mobile Sting Ray with out court approval to spy on citizen’s cell phones. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were using it at the rally. People have had enough of police doing what ever they want. Police cry that people don’t respect them. Well, maybe they should look at it from everyone else’s point of view. Police act as if we are children and must do as they say, not as they do. It can’t keep going like that or the divide between people and police will only get bigger.

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