Cop Threatens Man For Profanity, Then Uses Profanity (Video)

Source: CopsVsTheFirst YouTube Channel


Perhaps this individual who appears to be on his way to a festive Halloween party hasn’t been briefed on Houston V. Hill which states in part:

the First Amendment protects a significant amount of verbal criticism and challenge directed at police officers. ‘Speech is often provocative and challenging… [But it] is nevertheless protected against censorship or punishment, unless shown likely to produce a clear and present danger of a serious substantive evil that rises far above public inconvenience, annoyance, or unrest.’




Location of this video is unknown.



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  • Lara

    When my sister was 16 she was arrested when a cop walks into our house after a family member calls them, the cop says what’s going in here? My sister says “what do you think pig”; arrested.

  • shawn

    Ahh, the professionalism of police. First, he thinks he has the right to stop and harrass a person simly because he is offended. Remember, he has a badge. He isn’t somelone you can just ignore.
    Second, misuse of disorderly conduct. DC has become nothing but a contempt of cop charge. If this officer had carried through, it would have given the camera man an excuse to sue.

    And then he throws the F bomb himself.

    Now assuming the officer is right, because they NEVER jump to the wrong concusions, so what if someone yelled F you. What? So used to power and fear that you can’t take being called a name?
    Another movie quote. “You can’t take away peoples right to be assholes.” Simon pheonix demolition man.

  • Common Sense

    …I wonder what would happen if say Adam or Pete, went to the the state house in NH, or even a courtroom, and dropped the F bomb over and over. Something tells me it wouldn’t last long. The 1st has limits, as do all rights.

  • DKSuddeth

    another idiot cop that doesn’t know the law. you also, common. maybe you should look up texas v. johnson

  • shawn


    In official settings, you’d be right. The queston of limits on the 1st is and old one. Where does.proper conduct in official settings outweigh free speech, and when do those limits become an excuse to silence unwanted opinions. Thereis an article up now on that.

    Either way, that doesn’t apply to assholes yelling FU to cops on the streets.

  • Otto Maddox

    Here we go, another cop-can using an example of something that is totally different.

    First of all, no noe said anything about saying the f-bomb “over and over”. Second, there’s a difference between protesting on the street and doing so inside a courtroom or the state house. You know this though. You just had to use an example that fit your argument.

    Telling a cop to go f himself is absolutely protected. If a police officer is offended he needs to find a new line of work. This cop wasn’t even acting on a complaint.

    Not that I’d recommend doing such a thing. It doesn’t really accomplish anything worhtwhile.

    I love how the cop tells the guy to “shut [his] mouth” and then tells him to speak. Frazzled the poor cop’s brain I guess.

  • Yankee Fan

    The courts have not put limits on peeps expressing their displeasure to the police via cussing them out. It limits speech that may lead to riots or calls for direct violence but someone telling a cop to go fuck his mother is protected speech even if it is uncooth and rude.

  • tampa troy

    This is just another ass hole with a badge and gun trying to assert his authority. Poor little baby got his feelings hurt . What a douche bag!!!!!!!! I’m in tampa and got harrased for the same thing many moons ago, before I learned myself that I have rights…. so here we go
    “Fuck You Pigs”

  • 1605

    Rights have no limits…. Ever. For any reason. Ever… Get it?

  • shawn


    The good order of society means it is impossible to allow people to act out in public meetings like townhalls or council meetings. Free speech is not suppressed by preventing out of control situations designed to disrupt. You can’t run a society any other way. Official meetings must have order. Look at how terrorists try to disrupt their own trials.
    That said, outside of official meetings, or threats and statements meant to cause harm(you can’t allow people to yell fire, or I’m going to kill you), you are right. But free speech was about exchanging ideas and opinions.

  • 1605

    There is no good order despite years and years of useless laws. There is no preventing out of control situations. There is only more laws, more criminals, and more inmates.