Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due

Listen, celebrities get harassed and bothered by the media 24/7, nobody is yelling at those people to get a job or get off meth. A job is a job, people who blog for this site don’t make the money you believe they do. I don’t even do it for money, I do it for sport. I get zero dollars in return for spending an hour blogging, it’s good for my soul. I use my discernment and MY opinion to write blogs. I am not God, I am definitely not CNN and I’ll never write like a prospector claiming I know every fact. These are my opinions and my perspectives of encounters and or scenarios, I call it like I see it. This blog might come as a surprise to some of our followers, but I personally believe it’s time for you to see what a First Amendment audit encounter should go like.

David of “News Now Houston” and who also works regularly with “Photography is not a crime,” does First Amendment audits in Texas very regularly. In this video, David visits the Rosenberg, Texas Police Department in Fort Bend County. Officer Marmol gets out of his patrol car to talk with David on the sidewalk where he was filming their police department. Marmol gets out and says “he got a call about David,” immediately you can tell the tone of the Marmol’s voice was non-intimidating, polite and helpful. Marmol clearly realized it wasn’t a big deal. David and him talked for a bit, he never asked for his ID, he never violated his rights and in fact he made sure David didn’t feel like he was doing anything wrong. Is it possible that Marmol knows who David is and wanted to look good on camera? I don’t think so, if people use their guts and not their head, their intuition will answer questions you’re not sure about. You can just feel it in your gut that Officer Marmol had no intention of creating a situation that wasn’t there. He’s probably a great man in real life and we need more like him.

David was talking to Marmol about B role footage that he wanted to get of a police cruiser driving away from his camera. Marmol offered to drive any way that makes it easier for David to get his shot. This is it folks, this is how you handle a man with a camera. From articles I wrote and stories I’ve followed, Texas has always been one of the worst First Amendment audit fails around.

Officer Marmol, I’m sure this attitude comes straight from the top. An officer of 33 years who recently died of cancer was sharing  his story with me about some corruption, but I was informed he passed away. He told me either a whole police department is corrupt, or it’s not at all. He said that when people cross the line in great departments, they get handled correctly, always. He stressed to me that it started from the top of the department. So, Chief Warren, you’re the man for the job in Rosenberg, Texas. While researching back ten years or so about any major issues in Rosenberg with their police department, I couldn’t find anything. It’s interesting how one little encounter with the right attitude can explain so much. Please reach out to this department and let them know they’re appreciated.


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