Sovereign Citizens are the new Communisits

Sovereign citizens are the new communists. Not in ideology or stated end-goals, but as the centerpiece of a marketing campaign selling fear.

Not too long ago, “communists” were the scarecrow pointed-to by the marketers (which, the same marketers claimed, only they could protect you from). The manufactured fear was inculcated into the minds of millions in indoctrination centers and was parroted by the lamestream media. Many unthinkingly accepted the insidious growth of the marketers’ criminal enterprises. A few benefited from the labor and lives of many.

Decades later, economics having taken its course, another enemy had to be concocted.

After injecting “illicit” substances into communities (from which the “war on drugs” was spawned, and the commercialized warehousing of people was said to be necessary), the new threat was said to be an amorphous enemy: “terrorism”. The “us verses them” paradigm, the marketers found, could be leveraged, to the detriment of peaceful strangers thousands of miles away as well as many living in the turf they claimed, for their own gain.

Reminiscent of the red scare of yesteryear, the “militia movement” and others labeled “anti-government” were around every tree, and they were to be feared.

Despite (or in actuality due to) the criminal actions at Ruby Ridge and Waco and other places, the initiators of violence dictated to those they perceive as human cattle (aka “citizens”) that further victim disarmament (aka “gun control”) was necessary. As was the usurpation of liberty.  Or so it was claimed.

A tremendous allocation of resources has been devoted to furthering this misinformation campaign – from the indoctrination of tens of thousands of “law enforcement” personnel to the funding college majors on ‘homeland security’ (a misnomer if there ever were one).

If you search “sovereign citizens” online you’ll see content with such accompanying text such as, “Extremism in America” (from the ADL) and “A Growing Domestic Threat to Law Enforcement” (from the FBI).  Both of those outfits gain as each person adopts the fear they’re spreading. And the lamestream media is goosestepping along.

police-state-stirner-copblockThe article below, Sovereign citizens’ assault Port Everglades by Robert Nolin – who acknowledges on his bio that he’s worked with the gang called “government” – is ultimately couched on fear and faith in the almighty ability of the marketers to provide protection. Read the article. Replace the word “sovereigns” with “females” or “Native Americans” or any other perceived category. Does it strike you differently?

As Dave Hodges noted in over at

if one criticizes the government in any form they can be labeled a sovereign citizen. And if the government can label one a sovereign citizen, then that citizen has no rights and ostensibly, the government can do what they will with that citizen.

This anti-dissident strategy takes America one step away from full implementation of disappearing American protesters under the NDAA for sovereign citizens. This is a very slippery slope and the government and its police agencies are fully committed to this strategy.

“Sovereign citizens” is the latest in fear-marketing – are you buying?



‘Sovereign citizens’ assault Port Everglades,0,7970718.story

By Robert Nolin, Sun Sentinel

Robert Nolin 954-356-4525
Robert Nolin

Amid the explosions, smoke, roaring vehicles and chattering gunfire of a terrorist attack Thursday afternoon at Port Everglades, one fact became chillingly clear:

These weren’t foreign-born America-hating terrorists. These were native-born America-hating terrorists. And they were making things difficult for the good guys.

“They’re moving, they’re taking positions, they have superior firepower,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Saito. “They’re clearly very well-trained, very well-motivated.”

Of course it wasn’t a real terrorist attack, but rather a large-scale SWAT training exercise mounted by the Broward Sheriff’s Office involving boats, bus, bombs and booby-trapped hostages.

“This is really a worst case scenario,” said Saito, the SWAT team member who concocted the training storyline.

In Saito’s plot, seven “sovereign citizens,” or militia-styled revolutionaries who advocate the government’s overthrow, assault the port by boat. Their goal: steal a shipment of arms and ammunition transiting through the facility.

Initially thwarted by deputies, the terrorists seize hostages, wound a deputy, and leave a backpack full of explosives by Terminal 22. Then things get serious.

The terrorists strap bombs to the hostages, take over a bus, and engage in a full-blown gunfight with SWAT team members. The bad guys use paintball guns. The helmeted, body-armor-clad SWAT team responds with simulated ammo.

“It’s all about being prepared,” said SWAT chief Capt. Eddie Grant. “South Florida is a hot area, we have a stadium, two major ports. We have a lot of high-profile targets.”

Among agencies participating were the Fort Lauderdale Police SWAT team and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The Coast Guard patrolled the waterway and FBI agents portrayed the terrorists.

The SWAT teams unleashed a full panoply of military-style armament. There were two Bears — massive armored vehicles with turrets for automatic weapons fire — a beefed up front-end loader that lifted an overturned car like a toy and Hummers packed with serious firepower. Machine guns stuttered, and paintball rounds spattered the armored cars.

“It gets your blood going,” Grant said.

“They enjoy being out here,” Saito said. “They look forward to the challenge.”

Team members navigated hallways and rooftops and charged a bus to free hostages. Red-shirted trainers rated their responses and briefed the troops afterward on what was done right and done wrong.

At the end, 12 hostages were rescued unharmed. “The hostages in this situation are most important,” Grant said. “We’ve got to be bullet magnets, that’s your job. Better you than the hostages.”

And the seven terrorists? They were, as Grant put it, “neutralized.” or 954-356-4525


Pete Eyre

Pete Eyre is co-founder of As an advocate of peaceful, consensual interactions, he seeks to inject a message of complete liberty and self-government into the conversation of police accountability.

Eyre went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation.

In 2009 he left the belly of the beast and hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later co-founded Liberty On Tour. He spent time in New Hampshire home, and was involved with Free Keene, the Free State Project and The Daily Decrypt.

  • Common Sense

    …you left the part out about the flag having a fringe, the 1933 Banking Act and the secret meaning behind the capitalization of your name on your birth certificate.

  • Shawn

    “At the end, 12 hostages were rescued unharmed. “The hostages in this situation are most important,” Grant said. “We’ve got to be bullet magnets, that’s your job. Better you than the hostages.””

    Don’t exactly hear that attitude from cops much, and it is BS. I’ve seen stories where the cops shot through the hostage. And of course there is the issue of shooting at anything that MIGHT have a weapon, like a teen girl where SWAT hallucinated she had a gun in her hand. Most shooting incidents have police rounds going astray. They aren’t worried about innocent bystanders or victims.

    Sorry, but your actions aren’t matching your words.

    As for the article, there is a distinct demonization of political opposition. That much of the article is definitely true. Every group that doesn’t line up behind current government practices and viewpoints is getting labeled and treated as Taliban, even though there has never been a single demonstration of significant violent intent.

  • t

    Shawn: you’d bitch if the police used any force at all to rescue the hostages.

  • Shawn


    And you’d happily shoot through a child to save your own ass.

  • certain

    The “Sovereign Citizens” face the same task as Muslims, in that they must disown and disavow the actions of the more militant among them, who are capable of doing harm to innocent men, women, and most importantly, children, in order to prove some political point or other.

    The problem with that is a lot of them see some of the more infamous militants as martyrs and heroes to be emulated. To me, you kill a child, no matter whose child, you’re scum.

  • t

    Maybe. Depends on the greater good.

  • steve

    Your all fueled by bullshit and propaganda from all sides.

  • Ariel

    Common Sense,

    You go guy. You can’t find more whackjob interpretations about anything to do with our system than Sovereign Citizens.

    I do like the Communist analogy, though, it reminds me of S. Sontag’s epiphany that Communism is just Fascism with a human face. It still uses the Jackboot, but acts like it cares while stomping forever…


    I wouldn’t make the comparison to Islam for three reasons: it’s a religion; all the Abrahaimic religions have had their times of calling for the State and religion to be the same; and three, the Sovereign Citizens are only political. Sorry, forgot a fourth: the underlying political ideas are whackjob. Which is why they talk about Admiralty Flags. I do agree with you on the violence.

  • John Q Public

    Ariel, I actually agree with you on this one.

  • steve

    In China they still think of Mao and worship him like a god even though he murdered over 5 million of his own people, he was a communist. Communism has been an evil farce all over the world beginning in the 20th century. Communism has been the mask of evil far too long. Stalin killed his own people in the millions also under the mask. So far China has lasted the longest as a communist country but is now falling to capitalism, now watch what evil can do to people over money.

  • steve

    t , this was an play and pretend scenario no hostages were real.

  • t

    True. I just answered the question posed to me

  • bill_derberg

    Not comment from Jason Free 123? I’m surprised.

    The term “Sovereign Citizen” is an oxymoron. Sovereign means “Ruler” and Citizen means “subject”. Look it up.

    I get their beef about the police state, the Federal Reserve, and all the other things that are ruining this country. As of yet I have not seen or heard them resorting to violence.

    Still I think its a good thing that its making some people nervous.

  • Ariel


    Trust me, if we didn’t nit-pick each other we’d find we likely agree on a number of things. Not exactly, but in a range of acceptability.

    I will qualify that if in anyway, in it’s absolutely broadest sense, that the sin’s of the father should be laid on the son, we have no common ground.

    Nit-picking is fun.

  • John Q Public

    Ariel, nothing says that we can agree on some things and not on others. Mostly we just have differences of opinion and are passionate about our views. But, If I see something I agree with, I will concede to it, regardless of the poster. And yes, nit-picking is indeed fun.

  • Ariel


    See, even more agreement. Keep this up and I’ll need Oxycontin. I do try to be dispassionate about the views I hold with passion, but sometimes fail. I fail especially by views such as a police state being defined by how many officers on patrol [not enough officers, not a police state], or beliefs like “oxygen explodes”

    I will concede also, yet here we differ, because only if I judge the person gracious enough to accept the concession as that and not an opportunity to further buttress a mistaken argument. Been bitten too many times on the Internet to make the mistake of giving the snake chance to bite again.

    In face-to-face conversation, I concede readily. It’s an opportunity.

    Finally, nit-picking is in the grand historical tradition of religion, politics, and philosophy. The problem is when it leads to war.

  • Ariel


    “To me, you kill a child, no matter whose child, you’re scum.” I use a slightly expanded definition: “you kill those innocent, no matter what they were before, you’re scum.”

    Fearing for your safety is no excuse. If it were, my wife would have an excuse to kill thousands. Don’t give her that excuse. Too many have it now.

  • steve

    Jason took his favorite goat to the movies.

  • Keith

    There is no such thing as a soverign citizen. Mostly, it’s just people that have had it with the government and don’t have a better label. Most enjoy the protection, and somewhat freedom the U.S. has to offer, but want’s to opt out of the bad. Not doable. You either fight, or walk away, you can’t stay and refuse to fight, it doesn’t work that way, and is a cop out and burden to the rest of us that want change, real change. There is a word for a soverign u.s. citizen, it’s called a foriegner.

  • Ariel


    And the goat refused his advances…the goat went for the popcorn.

  • Ariel

    Sorry, mistaken pronoun. “The goat refused its advances…”.

  • t

    Ariel: even for you, you’re 9/21 @ 1008 comment is stupid

  • certain

    Double feature movie.

    “Slappy Rides Again”, followed by the sequel, “Laughing Goats”.

  • kel

    I appreciate what you all say, but let me tell u I was shot by deputy rich saito of the broward sheriffs office with an m-4 3 times and I survived. they obviously didn’t think I would so they made up a crazy story. then put charges on me that never even happened so if you don’t think we have a problem in this country with out of control leo your sadly mistaken. this is the beginning of the end

  • truᴛһ hurts

    Protection is a self responsibility. What does the government protect? Property rights? When you rely on a 3rd party for protection you essentially give up ownership to that 3rd party. Relying on another for protection is conceding that the one protecting you is your master. “Freedoms” in the US are a farce; an illusion. You can’t even fart in the US without a permit and I know a grandma who went to jail because she let her grass grow too long. US has more people in prison than china, Russia and north Korea combined. Sovereign citizens were born within certain arbitrary lines drawn on a map by ultra elites that doesn’t make them property.