The four remaining occupants are David Fry, 27, of Blanchester, Ohio; Jeff Banta, 46, of Elko, Nevada; and Sean Anderson, 48, and Sandy Anderson, 47, a married couple from Riggins, Idaho, according to NBC News. Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore is the woman on the phone with the occupiers.

10:08 PM: FBI states NOBODY is allowed on the refuge, including an Assemblywoman, until the occupants surrender.

10:11 PM: Occupants state helicopters are present and flying around.

10:12 PM: FBI is heard saying “walk out peacefully, do NOT display your weapons.”

10:13 PM: Occupants explain how they will surrender but not without a mutual party to walk them out. FBI states that won’t happen that the time for concession is over.

10:14 PM: Occupant states gun is not on person but close by and if he’s shot, or shot at, he’ll “take one of them with me.”

10:16 PM: Sandy, female occupant, states that she believes the FBI is going to kill them. Conflicting reports coming into occupiers from FBI. Some say Reverend Graham can walk them out at 7 am, but the FBI on the ground says no one is allowed on the Refuge.

10:31 PM: Group continues to discuss options to leave the Refuge peacefully. FBI and occupiers are both on edge and standing their ground.

10:37 PM: Assemblywoman tells group they need to stand together and she’s working on getting the FBI to backoff.

10:41 PM: FBI is telling occupants to ‘rally’ around the ‘America Flag.’ David seems to be belligerent and extremely upset.

10:43 PM: Sandy states the FBI is listening to the livestream because they [the FBI] is repeating parts of the group’s prayers.

10:48 PM: David is expressing frustrations at lack of support. Is tired of praying.

10:49 PM: David says that he’s done talking. States he’ll walk out tomorrow when Michele arrives but will die if the FBI comes in before then.

10:59 PM: David is upset about treatment of others arrested, lies by FBI and that no one cares.

FBI is telling the occupants that the militia has abandoned them.

11:00 PM: Occupants claim they see other vehicles coming up to the Refuge, unsure if FBI or otherwise.

11:02 PM: Michele says the FBI is lying about not allowing others on the Refuge. Occupants are confused on what to believe. FBI seems to be attempting to confuse the occupants into simply surrendering.

11:06 PM: FBI says the groups only choice is surrender. Michele and those in her car claim that those on the ground with the FBI don’t know what higher ups within the FBI are promising them. IMO, none of this seems good….

11:09 PM: FBI can be heard on bullhorn saying, “come on out, we don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

11:14 PM: Four minutes ago the page Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Group posted that Cliven Bundy and other militia members are headed to the Refuge, they are asking for assistance.


11:24 PM: Feed was lost! Trying to get back on line.

11:26 PM: Feed restored!

11:32 PM: Group is talking about issues that government controls (like guns, healthcare and taxes). Further explain disappointment in previous generations for allowing this to happen and to younger folks who do nothing to repair it.

11:43 PM: Group is discussion options, Michele keeps interrupting (like she’s supposed to break the audio).

11:45 PM: Feed goes down – again.

11:50 PM: Feed returns was taken down by police who support the FBI’s actions and are trying to take the feed down; according to Gavin.

11:53 PM: Seems the group will surrender in the morning but are not happy about it, atleast Sandy isn’t.

12:00 AM: Group is talking more about religion, lessons, messages and how people won’t be forgotten.

Scott Bowman Portland F.B.I phone number: 503-224-4181, option 0. EVERYONE call and tell them to STAND DOWN!!!!


THURSDAY: All times eastern

12:19 PM: Livestream is live again and all occupants are turning themselves in. (another livestream from NBC)

12:27 PM: Occupants are taking turns asking listeners to take action, advocate for local governments and describe things that need to be done.

12:33 PM: Occupant says that we don’t need a revolution but an evolution – of the mind.

12:34 PM: FBI is telling them to come out one at a time.

12:36 PM: Occupant starts a song; seems to signal the start of surrender?

12:38 PM: Occupants say they are coming out.

12:39 PM: Walking towards FBI – Sandy and Sean – holding hands, kissing and hugging.

12:40 PM: Sandy has been arrested. Sean is standing holding flag in right hand with both hands in the air.

12:42 PM: Jeff is going next.

12:43 PM: David will remain on phone when he approaches FBI.

12:45 PM: David might be having a change of heart? Saying they [FBI] haven’t promised anything.

12:48 PM: David is claiming that he will die a free man and that he’s having suicidal thoughts.

12:50 PM: David said that he told the others that he wasn’t going to go. Gavin and Michele are trying to talk him into to going.

12:51 PM: David says he wants to stay there. Says they haven’t even promised him any of his grievances.

12:54 PM: David says sometimes you have to prove that it really is liberty or death. Claims to have peacefully voted and nothing is ever done. No way to be it anymore but with Liberty or Dead.

12:56 PM: David is tired of paying for taxes that are spent on things he doesn’t agree with.

1:00 PM: David says best thing is to get the FBI to back off. Michele continues to plead with him to come out.

1:02 PM: David says he’s making his stand. That those on the phone should just let this play out.

1:05 PM: David wants to be able to opt out of certain taxes. He wants to find a way to stop paying for taxes.

1:09 PM: David continues to detail his point of taking a stand. He is tired of the overbearing government.

1:13 PM: David states he’s afraid of being raped in prison.

1:15 PM David is asked to walk out by FBI; he considers it. . .

1:17 PM: David says he pointed a gun at his head. Says he doesn’t want to live here anymore.

1:21 PM: David thought they were coming in.

**I have to end updates at this time**

*This is my last update for the night, more updates here*

Via the Gavin Seim YouTube channel is the live feed below that’s airing now!!



– Armed Militia Members Arrive In Oregon – Set Up Base At National Park

– FBI Agents Caught Posing As Militia Members To Harass Locals In Oregon

– FBI Moves In On Oregon Militia Occupation – What They Aren’t Telling You

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